Auction To You

 You should be on vacation !

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Auction To You  ---Get rid of that unwanted clutter, Old furniture and STUFF ---
 Yeouw weee!
 AND COLLECT CASH With NO hassles!

                                                                                                                                  We offer FREE Pick up and usually within days of your pick up you will receive a call from one of our friendly staff to set up a time to deliver you your


Did you know?--
Our buyers, at auction will place a bid on a box of books? A drawer full of unwanted
cheep, old jewelry? Pots and pans? Almost anything?  It's true---

It's time to cash in.

Last week and every week people pay, at auction $50, $100, up to 2 to $300.00
for 30 , 40 year old chest of drawers?

Just waiting for you!

Give us a call for more information.
We will gladly give you our rates.
-----and one better-----
our reasonable rates come out of the sales
we make for you, at auction!!!
You pay Nothing up front EVER!!!!

Call us at 423-774-8085 
you may request info at


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